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Mar 29, 2015  

Analyst Biographies

Our Securities Analysts are one of our firm's greatest competitive advantages. Organized by industry sector, highly trained, with high-tech research tools at their disposal, they stand ready to help our clients make sense of investment trends and capitalize on investment opportunities.

Most of our analysts have advanced degrees, and many have professional experience in the industries they analyze. Our senior analysts have an average of 17 years of experience on the Street, and the average length of tenure for our full team is 11 years.

The analysts use our six-point fundamental system to make recommendations on the leading companies in their industries. They study balance sheets and income statements. They read the footnotes and the 10Qs.

They also spend a great deal of time getting to know the companies they cover from the inside. They listen to conference calls, attend analyst presentations, and meet with management teams at corporate headquarters and in our offices. They talk to competitors and customers, regulators, vendors and industry experts.

As a company, we stress continuing education and professional development for our employees. We sponsor our analysts in the Chartered Financial Analysts program, the New York Society of Security Analysts and the CFA Institute.

Our analysts are highly active in distributing their conclusions to our clients. They contribute to the Analysts' Notes and the Investment Analysis reports. They publish the in-depth institutional chartbooks. They participate in conference calls, the Consultation service and seminars.

Argus Analysts:

Joe Bonner
Media & Telecom
jbonner@argusresearch.com / (646) 747-5464

Michale Burke
Securities Analyst / Utilities
mburke@argusresearch.com / (646) 747-5463

Peter J. Canelo
Chief Investment Strategist
pcanelo@argusresearch.com / (646) 747-5436

David E. Coleman
Insider Trading Analyst/Quantitative Portfolio Strategist
David.E.Coleman@argusresearch.com / (646) 747-5477

John Eade
President & Senior Analyst
jeade@argusresearch.com / (646) 747-5445

Christopher Graja
cgraja@argusresearch.com / (646) 747-5465

Gary Hovis
Vice President & Director of Utility Research
ghovis@argusresearch.com / (646) 747-5443

James Kelleher
Director of Research & Senior Analyst (Technology)
jkelleher@argusresearch.com / (646) 747-5474

Nicolay Nielsen
Research Associate
nnielsen@argusresearch.com / (646) 747-5447

Lucy Moore
Utilities & REITs
lmoore@argusresearch.com / (646) 747-5456

William V. Selesky
Basic Materials
bselesky@argusresearch.com / (646) 747-5462

John Staszak
Gaming, Restaurants & Hotels
jstaszak@argusresearch.com / (646) 747-5479

David Toung
Medical Devices & Healthcare Services
dtoung@argusresearch.com / (646) 747-5467

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